"..that they may be light..."

A cousin of mine contacted me to let me know a friend of her's crashed a motorcycle up here in Boise, Idaho. She asked if I would be able to offer some support for His wife who lovingly sat by his side in ICU. I jumped at this opportunity. It feels so good to give back, where I KNOW I've been given so much. My mom caught wind of this, I asked if she wanted to come and visit them with me. She said yes before I even asked. Off we went to the hospital to lend support, encouragement and love. We pulled into the exact hospital where I was life flighted 9 1/2 months ago. Thinking this would be no big deal, I fought with the feelings of anxiety as we entered the parking lot. Breathing deeply I opened my car door. A gust of wind nearly knocked me over, as I leaned fervently on my moms car.. my head getting lighter and lighter. I stopped my thought processes. My fears of all that my family has been through were somehow realized in that exact moment. I was scared. Memories flooded over me, good, and bad. Strangely this all happened in about a 5 second window. I got my whits about me, and we started walking. "This isn't about you Jamie. Be strong for this girl,pull it together OK?!." I thought to myself. Approaching the ICU... the same ICU where I laid and was comatose. "You can do this!" kept running through my light headed mind. I planted my feel firmly, and slowed my breathing, and therefore my heartbeat. My Mom and I found her in the ICU waiting area on a phone call. We commenced with a great discussion, and a heart-felt meeting. Feeling inspired to share our personal experiences felt so good. She was encouraged, hugged, and comforted. She was smiling and peaceful. The feeling of love and hope permeated our space. Leaving the hospital, all of us were full of gratitude and joy. Helping another's burdens to be made lighter, and reaching out to another in the same position my family was in less than a year ago was very therapeutic. I am so blessed to be alive, and to have my experience to draw upon to lift other's burdens. *Today he got out of ICU...healing.

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