Another Update

FRIDAY MORNING - - MRI showed that everything is fine.  No major damage, just a little swelling from some soft tissue damage from the fall.  Great News!  She continues to improve, had a shower this morning and has just sent me on an errand for her makeup  :)


THURSDAY NIGHT - - Hi, just wanted to touch base with you.. Today (Thursday) was a little challenging .  Jamie had a great night and once the morning came she had developed some pain in her lower back and down her hamstrings, which caused her some difficulty doing her therapy.  It seems like one step forward and one little step back.  But, she charged through the day and was able to do some great therapy even though she was in pain.    At 6:00 she was sent down to get an MRI and make sure that there were no significant problems.  We are waiting now for the results and are praying it is just some sciatic pain from spending so much time in bed.  So, the day prior went great and today was just a little depressing because of the new pain issue, however, we are all optimistic that its a simple fix and that tomorrow will bring great rewards.  Please continue to pray.  THANK YOU! 


Nick & Jamie Wednesday Night

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