I just came from Jamie's room.  She was sleeping peacefully.  I held her hand and talked to her.  As I was getting ready to leave her room, I told her to hang in there and that I loved her.  She squeezed my hand and said "I love you too, thanks for coming."  She never opened her eyes, but she knew I was there.  She is doing so well.

 After talking with the family they once again want you to know how much they appreciate your love and support.  All of you who want to help, please keep that enthusiasm as you will be needed in the coming weeks. They do not have insurance so the medical bills will certainly be a concern.  As soon as the account for Jamie's family is completely set up we will post the link that you can donate to or pass along to your friends.  Another thing that would be very helpful would be gift cards to Walmart, gas, restaurants, etc just to ease the burden while Nick isn't working.  We would like to do a benefit of some sort in the future, but are going to wait until we know their situation better.  If you want to send anything at all (ie cards, gifts, certificates, gift cards etc) please send them to me at my home:

Lauralyn Salinas
4083 E Brooklyn Drive
Nampa, ID  83686

Thanks for everything!


  1. St Alphonsus has financial help for those that qualify that can help cover some or all of the bill. Also if they look into Medicaid if they qualify it can be retro activated up to 3 months. Since Nick does real estate he needs to explain that he is not always full time employed so they will be more lenient on income standards if he had recently sold a house.
    Thanks for all the updates. We are praying throughout the day for Jamie

  2. Lauralyn---thank you so much for keeping us updated. I have checked this blog all day long to see how our sweet Jamie is doing!!