Thank you Apriori!!!

Jamie is an Apriori Manager and the company has generously donated 50 Scrubs to be sold for a 100% profit.  If you would like to buy one, please contact either Beverly Hartle (859-6970) or Jamie Robb (407-5593) to purchase yours.  Retail is $38.00.  You can arrange to pick it up from one of these ladies or add $3.00 for shipping.  Thanks for helping Jamie!!!


  1. Paypal option for the many that have contacted me from out of state. You can send to: mrsidahoamerica@hotmail.com. Be sure to include your address ($41 with shipping)
    Thank you so much for contributing. We have a limited supply, so get it NOW!


  2. Jamie,

    I just wanted to tell you that you and your family are in my family's thoughts and prayers. I know the Lord hears and answers prayers, you have touched so many through your example as I can tell from the many posts, words of wisdom and encouragement. Will continue to pray for you as I know how powerful prayer can be especially when many are praying for the same cause. You are very loved by many and especially your Father in Heaven, you will continue to touch many and I know miracles can happen.

    Love, Ashley Handy Keller (aka Sister Handy)

  3. Mailed my check first thing this morning! Praying for you! Love you Jamie !

  4. I just saw this, are any still available?