Second Surgery

Jamie is out of the operating room and in recovery!! Doctor came out and spoke with us and said that all went well, that she would be waking up in recovery, then off to get a CT scan and then into the ICU where she'll be monitored for about 48 hrs and then home. He left us with that and then not 10 minutes later stopped back by the waiting room and said, "She looks like a million bucks!" She was waking up great. I am so humbled to have been able to receive this miracle in my life. Thank you all for helping bring it to pass through your faith, hope and prayers!

The second surgery went as needed. They took the section of her skull (the Bone Flap) from her abdomen and were able to put it back in place again in her skull. The doctor said that the bone looked great and was in the right condition. It was put back in place again using small circular patches of titanium, as thin as paper, and some very small titanium screws. It so secure that she doesn't need to wear the helmet any more! Jamie will be so excited to hear that!

We love you so much Jamie!!!


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