Jamie has been home since Wednesday 6/20/2012 and is doing great. When she was released, her primary doctor asked her one question, "How have you done this?" He stated that he has seen people recover physically from something like this, but he has never seen someone recover with the whole package this quickly. He specifically mentioned the "light in her eyes," and that he has never seen someone cognitively recover so quickly and have that light. The doctor knew he was witnessing something bigger than himself and mentioned more than once that this was truly amazing and that typically people with her injury spend months in the hospital. She was out in 2 weeks! Jamie is our miracle!

This has been and continues to be a miracle from heaven, yet there is still more that she needs to do with rehab and yet another surgery to put her skull back in place so, I continue to pray for this miracle to be completed in her life. All your prayers, thoughts, actions and positivity have brought this miracle to pass...THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!! Please continue to pray for her so that the end of this injury will come quickly without any complications. The Doctors couldn't explain my amazing recovery. But we KNOW thousands of you were offering so much healing power, prayers, love, and support. Nicholas gave a blessing and prayer over my body to be preserved. Often times we cannot explain the power of God.

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