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  1. Jamie. I tried to post a comment. It did not work... this one is s test.

  2. Okay.. that one worked.. so here I go again. My name is Susan Howard. I live in Saint George UT. and I have a 26 year old daughter who suffered a massive stroke to her cerebellum March 17th of last year. We are incredible blessed that she is still with us. She has had multiple brain surgeries. -Like you we have been blessed with multiple miracles in her behalf for which we are very grateful. But she still suffers from headache and insomnia. Her left side continues to strengthen, and honestly if it never completely heals she can live with that; But what we really need to go away is the headaches and the exhaustion that comes as a result of the insomnia. I have been on multiple blog spots for people who have had craniotomies to see how they are doing and there is just a lot of ranting about headache and insomnia. I was wondering if you have gotten past these or are still having them. Also, Helena has expressed interest in participating in Mrs Ut. She feels it will help her overcome her coordination problems etc. Her email address is helena.ebisch@gmail.com -she is a very open person and would be fine with you just contacting her and telling about this post- if you are comfortable with that. I just happened to see something with your information on Facebook and I felt it was a blessing. I believe the two of you would be good for each other. Thank you Jamie!