Jamie's a Rock Star!

Jamie is being moved out of the ICU today  :)  She has been able to eat some food as well.  She is talking more.  The bandages are going to be taken off her head tomorrow and she is being fit for a protective helmet.  Thanks for the prayers everyone!!!


  1. Jamie, I am amazed at how many lives you’ve touched. You are something special. I’ve thought about President Eyring’s talk from April conference so many times over the past couple days. It keeps popping into my head. I finally read it again this morning. Mountains to climb, that is not an understatement. http://www.lds.org/general-conference/2012/04/mountains-to-climb?lang=eng
    The Lord must have known you and your family could handle this. It hurts even knowing what you’re going through. I love reading how peaceful your hospital room is, that’s exactly how I imagined it would be. It’s time to watch faith and prayers in action. I'm so happy to see you are being moved out of the ICU!
    The Delgadillos are praying for you. Keep going, beautiful girl.

  2. Makes us cry tears of relief to hear this!! Like your other friends say, your spirit has touched so many in such positive ways. You are cherished. Keep on rocking, we're cheering for you and your family all the way.

  3. It is so amazing and humbling to hear of her miraculous improvements! Our prayers will continue to be with her and her family. My husband is friends with Nick and I've met Jamie before but don't know her well. However, from the times I've been in her presence she has, as you all know, radiated. My heart goes out to Nick and the kids too. Thank you Heavenly Father for hearing all our prayers!!

  4. The move to the nero floor has been postponed. Not a set back just procautionary, She HATES the helmet. Please continue with your prayers. We are not out of the woods but we can see daylight.