A note from Jamie's Mother-In-Law

 Just a thought I wanted to share about my sweet daughter-in-law, Jamie.  You know her, always looking sweet and beautiful and well manicured.  To see her in the emergency room under such a situation was so disturbing and sad in the extreme.  I have gone daily to see her and as I have looked down on that sweet woman I have seen a beauty that is on the outside but as I have spent time at her bedside I see a beauty that radiates from deep within.  I have felt her strength, her inner peace and have come to know even better the woman she truly is.  I love her most deeply and I am so very grateful for each and every prayer, thought expressed, help given and your love and support for her.  Truly this is a miracle. As  I have read through the thoughts and reports I just must say that her communication  to us is in the squeeze of her fingers, her eyes trying to open, a small word spoken and little things like that.  They are small but so very significant to each of us who love her.   From where she was yesterday we count each small thing a great blessing and a reassurance that she will indeed be whole and strong once again.  I have also watched my son care for her and his children and have been so touched by his strength as well.  For his tenderness and ability to bless his family with stability.  We learn so much from our children.  Bless them and bless you all.  Anita


  1. Dear Anita, A beautiful post. Jamie, Nick and the children are blessed to have you and your love. I'm SO, SO grateful that she is doing so well. Love you always, Karen

  2. She truly is a beautiful lady, inside and out. I was Jamie's visiting teacher for a while about a year ago. I was going through a very difficult pregnancy and felt bad I couldn't do more as a visiting teacher. She always seemed to seek me out and check on me and ask how I was doing, even though I was supposed to be serving her. She always had a beautiful smile and excited greeting for me when I was well enough to attend church. I saw what a compassionate, loving woman she really is. She has been in our family's prayers constantly and we hope only the best for her and her family.

  3. I know Jamie only a little bit through my sister Megan Hughes. Everytime I saw her she had that radiant smile and seemed so sincere. This week my five year old asked me what a 'lady' was. I had a hard time explaining it. I said its a beautiful woman... Here is to a true 'lady'! Even with her head shaved and a bruised face she is quite the lovely lady and will inspire so many. God bless the Hilton's!