Message from Nick - - Saturday Night

Another day down! Thank you Heavenly Father for all you have done for me and my family today. Jamie is still great, however, we have moved into a new type of challenge, the mental one. It is hard to wake up and realize that you can't do the things you could do just days ago. Jamie is moving forward, yet the future holds new challenges for her, like sitting on the edge of the bed and standing. Please keep her in your prayers as she moves through this new journey in life. 

Again, thank you all for the inspiring thoughts, memos, flowers, snacks, pictures, sand writing, texts, messages, phone calls, memories and friendships. I wish that I could let each of you know, individually, just how much you mean to us right now, but given the amount of support, I would be here typing for days. Thank you all! We love you!


  1. Thanks for the update, Nick. I wanted you to know we are still praying for your Jamie. It's evident how many people love and adore her. The words your mother wrote about Jamie on here are beautiful and they paint a beautiful picture of who Jamie is for those of us who don't know her personally. The admiration your mama has for you is also very touching. She wrote of your gentle spirit and strength and the way you are tending to your children and their hearts during this difficult time - God Bless you, Nick. What an admirable leader you are being for your family. About a year ago I was praying for a gal named Joanne and this gal, who had had a stroke, was/is a prominent voice in the blog world. I think she has wrote a book or two and her husband knew how much her fans loved her and how much they wanted to keep tabs on her so he took over her blog. She had her stroke in Jan 2011 and since then Toben (her husband) has been blogging here and there about the struggles and triumphs they've endured. Anyhow, I pray that if you do get a chance to read through their blog (http://thesimplewife.typepad.com/) a little you will find some encouragment and strength to keep pressing on from day to day. Psalm 46 (http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm+46&version=NIV) May God bless and keep you all. Sincerely, Sami Jo Melton

  2. Nick thanks for the posts. My eyes have not been able to stay dry as I have read through what has been written - the milestones are amazing and very touching. Please know that we are fasting and praying for your family and Jamie's full recovery. She has a remarkable spirit. Tell her to keep up the good work on her recovery and please let us know if you need anything!
    Jani Knox

  3. I have been a part of prayers for people in the past and it has been amazing to see the miracles that happen today! One friend was in a head on car collision and all of his front teeth had been broken in half and he had major head trauma...he was permanently changed...he still struggles, but he is with his family. It was a miracle to me because head on collisions like his usually people don't make it! Here is the link to the crash story http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/hbo/2009/dec/05/3-badly-injured-post-falls-accident/

    Another was a girl in my ward, who is in her 20's, had a stroke at church one week. Her husband saw the signs and took her immediately to the hospital. They told him had he not she wouldn't have been with us today. She is such a beautiful person and so giving! She seems to have recovered VERY well (it has been 2 years) and I guess she has a few things still that remain difficult, but she has made such wonderful strides! (Here is her story http://lindseybatteen.blogspot.com/ Her husband also has a blog http://moderationinweightloss.blogspot.com/ (Nick, Aaron's blog might help you a bit on not feeling alone when it comes to you needing to be that person to take care of the family fully for a while...)

    Those 2 people, like Jamie, have made a difference in my life and so when things like this happen it has been testimony growing for me. Just remember the walking thing will seem like yesterday (when I had back surgery I couldn't walk right away because I had been in bed for about a month...) I am sure Jamie will do WONDERFUL! We continue to pray and if you ever need anything please let us know! We may be in Caldwell, but we still live in the area :o)

  4. Keeping Jamie and her family in my thoughts!