Message from Nick

Great news this morning!! Jamie will be leaving the ICU sometime today. She has passed another CT scan and things continue to improve. They have moved her on to a light diet and she is eating, drinking and very responsive. She even told her first joke. When she asked about her hair I told her half of her head was shaved, but that they saved it. She replied, "oh good, so I can glue it back on!"

She is so amazing and her miraculous recovery is just that, a miracle, thanks to all of you, your faith, prayers, positivity and The Lord. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


  1. Such an amazing woman! Love her! So thankful for her progress. And sense of humor.

  2. Dear Nick and Jamie, "I stand all amazed!!!" And I do! Never would I have thought that you could recover so much so fast. Truly a miracle! So wonderful! Aunt Karen

  3. LOL she is so cute! I didn't want to seem light, but her skin DOES look amazing! I am so happy she is doing well!!

  4. Dear Nick and Jamie, So sorry to hear of this terrible injury. Our faith and prayers are with you and your family. It is wonderful to hear of these beautiful miracles that are being seen in her recovery. I posted today with the blogspot and fund raising links in my face book feed so other extended Hilton cousins/relatives can lend their faith and support.

    Much Love, Uncle Tom, Aunt Annette and family

  5. woow girl, you are amazing !

    Greets from Spain!