Message from Nick

At my Mom's for the night and wanted to finally take a minute to express myself to you all. I can only hope that this message reaches all those that have touched our lives during this time. As I said in my previous post, I have very literally felt each and every one of your prayers supporting and bringing to pass the miracle that is taking place. As I sit beside my wife in the hospital the room becomes our own little piece of heaven and I know that the healing power of our Heavenly Father, God or whatever you may know that power by is all around us. At times I hate to leave because I feel such a piece and security while there.

Jamie is doing so well and amazes me at every turn. She is so strong, confident and secure and I know she will return to be everything we have known and loved her for. I must admit that at times I begin to think, "It can't be this easy, there must be more to come," but in those times I am reassured by the strength I feel from all of you and the peace and presence I feel of my Heavenly Father. Please, please, please continue to pray for my beautiful wife that it will, "be this easy." She deserves all the ease that is available to her.

Again, thank you all so much for your support and love. It is overwhelming and I just hope that I can convey how much each and every comment has meant and continues to mean to me and my family. You are all truly a blessing in our lives.


  1. We are praying for you all and for a quick "be this easy" recovery. Thank you for the updates! Love to you all.

    Lee and Drennan Baker
    (and family)

  2. Oh sweet Jamie... As Jolene has been struggling with her activity in the church for years, this situation brought her to some frustration as to why bad things happen to good people. In response to her frustration I told her to think about the thousands of people, if not more that have gotten on their knees in prayer for your health and recovery. Some of those people maybe haven't even said a prayer in years. Think about those who have been humbled and who are becoming more grateful for their lives and the blessings they have, even though life may not be easy. Think about the many people who could change their lifes path due to this situation because they realize their relationship with God is not worth procrastinating anymore. There is always something positive to learn from a tragedy and trial. You just have to have your heart opened up enough hear and feel what the Lord is trying to teach you.

    She has been truly humbled and I think she is feeling the spirit in her life more than she has for years. Even in your darkest hour you are blessing lives. That is just what you do!! You are a candle shining bright for everyone no matter what.

    Keep going, beautiful girl!!! We love you, and your family and are praying for your recovery.

    1. This is a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it and it's true! I haven't prayed like this in a long time!

  3. Dear Nick, This is Aunt Karen. Wow - what to say, except that I am SO glad I happened to call your Mom about something else and was able to find out about this. I cannot begin to imagine all the emotions you have been feeling, but love to hear your expressions of faith and peace. Jamie is indeed GORGEOUS, holy cow, and such a bright, happy person. Know that you all are in my prayers and I have spread the word to the rest of our family, as well. She seems to be making remarkable progress - THANK HEAVEN - literally, that it is Heavenly Father's will that she is so blessed! I love you, Nick, always have, always will.

  4. I constantly have a prayer in my heart for you guys! My daughter has added you into her prayers as well! (She's 5) :o) Love You!!