Simply Amazing

Jamie is doing FANTASTIC!!!  She just found out that she is having her next surgery on Wednesday.  That is such amazing news!  Fasting and prayers welcome!!!

While Jamie looks awesome and is obviously feeling so much better than she did a month ago  :), she still really isn't up for visitors as she gets worn out very quickly.  She is so grateful to each of you for all of your love and support and wishes she could personally thank everyone.  I told her that was NOT necessary and that we all just wanted her to get better!  She is very tenderhearted and gets quite emotional as she reads all of your sweet notes and cards.  She appreciates all of the gifts, the meals and the thousands of prayers.

I think Jamie is simply amazing!

 Ok, is this not the cutest headband ever???  A very sweet lady sent three of these to her while she is deciding what hairstyle to rock!!!

This is a picture of Jamie's abdomen where the piece of skull had been stored since her first surgery.
We love this little guy because he is going to make Jamie's head perfect again!

Jamie and her awesome husband Nick!

Beautiful Jamie!
We all love you so much!



  1. Looking forward to your full recovery! Sending you lots of love and energy. Heart you. -Sara
    P.S. SaWadee when you are all better!

  2. Looking good, we keep you in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. Keep swimming!

  3. I was so excited to read another post about Jamie. Darling, I think of you ALL the time and am praying for you and your family. You mean so much to everyone, especially me!!! I will never forget the time that we were at Liz's store and while I was trying on gorgeous dresses, you were rocking a yellow bikini, looking mighty hot, yet feeling as confident as a rock star. You have this confidence about you and this energy about you that radiates to others. CAN"t wait to see you again and give you a big hug!!!

  4. Jamie, you amaze me! I can see your wonderful positive nature thru these pictures. You have been thru so much, yet you are still an inspiration to us all! I know your surgery on Wednesday will go well, and we continue to pray for strength for you and your family thru this whole trial. Say hello to Nick for us, he is such a good man and husband and father. You are beautiful, my dear. Good luck this week, we hope to see you soon. :-)
    Jeff and Angela Boyle

  5. Thank you for sharing the pictures! AMAZING what they can do now days with science and medicine! Jamie you are AWESOME!

  6. You are so beautiful Jamie!! What a strong miracle you are!! We are praying for you and your amazing family all the time!! If you need anything at all we are here for you:) through all of this your radiant smile has been so bright!! :)

  7. Jamie, It has been inspiring to read about your journey. I had heard nothing about it before going to the Mrs. Idaho America page, but am grateful for the link they had to your blog. Thank you for sharing your experience and your testimonies of a loving Heavenly Father and the power of prayer. If you get to a point where you truly feel up to it, I have some questions I could ask you about your Mrs. Idaho experience. My blog www.laughyme.blogspot.com has my email. My family is now praying for you and yours. Bless you. Sincerely, K'Lyn Thomas

  8. Just wanted you to know that your story reached PerĂº :)

    I wanted to help with some money, since I can understand the circumstances you are at. Sadly, I don't own a credit card, but a debit one :/

    But I really wanted to send my admiration and my love to you. I have passed through a not-so-good-health-situation and can understand what is it like not to be able to do things you could do before (But not at the level you had). SO I just wanted to say that you're stronger than you think, and let time take care of your inner and physical injuries :) Don't push yourself. You've got the rest of your life to learn who you are. In the meanwhile, keep enjoying all the love, care and small things there are, as you have been, and keep smiling because it is the best medicine. You'll see someday, sooner or later, you'll watch all this just like a very hard but rich lesson of life :)

    My thoughts and love for you and your family :)

    Lima, PerĂº