Jamie's First Reply

The flood gates to my eyes are open, my heart is so full of gratitude. I am so thankful for all of the love and support through this tragedy. Thank you thank you thank you! I am alive! Still have A LOT of healing to do, another brain surgery in the next month a large piece of my skull is being preserved under the skin of my stomach region. Once it is put back in my head I will completely be on the "up and up". Thanks to so many of my dear family and friends who have done so much to help me and my family. So thankful to Heavenly Father who allowed the miracles that allow me to snuggle my children, husband, and loved ones. He has lifted my spirits when sadness and regret has fillled my soul. I love you Nicholas Hilton you are my strength! Your patience and love is priceless!


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  1. Jamie you are my inspiration and my hero. Your sister loves you to death!