BEAUTIFUL firestorm

If you would've told me last week what this week would hold.... I would LSOL (laugh seriously out loud). We are in the middle of a BEAUTIFUL firestorm, whirlwind, hurricane of an adventure. Our article in Deseret News written by Jason Wright started this phenomenal downpour. Jason's writings inspired a freelance columnist to post my information on dailymail.co.uk .... and the rest is AMAZING history. Our phone, email, and facebook literally exploded. Everyone wanting to get the "exclusive interview". WITH ME?!? Wow... long story REALLY short Today Show interviewed us in our home today and now we are heading to NY in the morning to do in studio interviews with The Today Show, Inside Edition, and Anderson Cooper. Three days of sharing the details of our lives, feelings, and experience. You can imagine the emotion..... GIDDY... SURPRISED.... SCARED.... ELATED.... OVERWHELM.... all wrapped up in a beautiful package of .... OH MY GOSH... YES.. THANK YOU..... YES!!!! When we return home the thing that matters most to me, is to KNOW that I have inspired. I feel my spirit growing, and it feels so good. I am hopeful, and excited to rise to this marvelous occasion...

PS An incredible friend of mine created a website for me jamiehilton.com WITHOUT me even asking. Just plain old GENEROUS.... wow .... are you kidding me? wow.


  1. YAY! You all rock! :) Love you Jamie!

  2. Birdy, you are my cheerleader girlfriend. I love you.

  3. Jamie,

    I read the article on io9 and came to your blog.

    After reading through a few of the posts in this blog I want to say don't be afraid to live life's adventures. The doctors have already proven they can rebuild you ;)

    Also, I'm guessing fishing wasn't your pageant talent, was it?

    Have a beautiful life,

    -- Paul

  4. I'm so excited for you, super star! If you need an agent, I think Chris is taking new clients. :D

  5. I met you at an Activity Day's in your mom's old ward. You are such a sweet spirit. When I hear what happened, I followed the news and your mom's posts on Facebook. What an amazing blessing you are to others with the opportunity to share you message of God and Christ and miracles.

  6. oh dear, Catania pray for you!
    i read now your story and i soo excited to read that now it is all ok :)
    you are beautiful!
    1000 kiss baby!

  7. Nick looks so funny in that picture! Like, "uhhhh, am I famous?"

  8. You are very inspirational, a miracle woman. This adventure will be one more opportunity to bless many more people, touching their hearts, maybe giving some people hope and helping some increase their Faith in God. I hope that you and your husband can enjoy your travels and interviews, you have certainly earned that right with all you have been thru. I'm so happy that you was blessed with your husband and the Gift of The Holy Ghost, skilled, compassionate surgeons, Priesthood Blessings and all of the other amazing people and miracles that saved your life :-)

  9. I saw you this morning on the Today Show and continued to be impressed. You were gracious and inspiring. I love that you are using a huge trial to inspire others and do good.

  10. I found your blog through a post on BuzzFeed - they were featuring the incredible images of your surgery. My husband was in an accident while riding on a Vespa in May 2008. And just like you, he had life-saving surgery to remove part of his skull on his right side to allow his brain to swell without damaging pressure. And just like you, the incredible doctors kept his skull in his belly. His recovery was nothing short of miraculous. 4.5 years later and you'd never know from meeting him that he ever went through this kind of ordeal. The struggles never go away entirely, but it sure does get better. Tomorrow is our 2 year wedding anniversary and life couldn't be better. Work your therapies, be open about your struggles with your loved ones...and I encourage your husband to be open to his own form of therapy (after all, it's pretty traumatic for everyone). It's an ongoing process, but it makes us all the more thankful to be around and have each other. Good luck to you all!