Oh my goodness friends... what a CRAZY day! Our story posted in Deseret News yesterday, then printed today. Then surprisingly a UK website, Dailymail.UK this morning, and the storm began :) We were contacted all day by media galore! This has been a fun, scary, giddy, overwhelming, exciting, and yes CRAZY day. Nick kept on texting me "Is this really happening?!" Very fun times for us to share together. Needless-to-say we are lining up our line of media to work with. I will keep you guys updated on WHO and WHEN. As for now we are working with "The Today Show", "Inside Edition", and "The Jeff Probst Show". There is a magazine that is like "People" in the UK called "Closer" they are showing interest, as well as the "British Press"  WHEWWWW... I feel so blessed. I know the Lord has directed so many things in my life, and I feel this is another one. This is such a great opportunity, and I know he will help me to do it. Like most things since my accident... this is SCARY, but I am fully capable to share my life and experiences. Thank you so much for your love and support.... I FEEL IT!!!!!


  1. I am so excited for you all!! You are loved!

  2. Greetings from Nigeria!!!

    You have inspired me. You have blessed me. You have encouraged me. Thank you. thank you. thank you. I've shared your amazing story on my blog. I believe this will help people out there with challenging situations. God has kept you for a purpose, and I pray that He will guide you to fulfill it.

    Remain Blessed and Protected.

    Warm Hugs.
    Koko Williams.

    You may visit my blog here www.realtimefix.blogspot.com when you have a chance.

  3. Hi Jamie, I work at BBC World News TV in London and we'd love to speak to you about your remarkable story in a couple of hours live on the Channel via Skype. Please let me know if you'd be able to and if you're interested and we can set it up! Thanks, Stephanie

  4. Hi Jamie,

    I'm a photo editor with Huffington Post and we're looking to get your permission to use your photos as seen in the Deseret News, could you send those to us as well?

    chris.mcgonigal@huffingtonpost.com. Thank you!

    Chris McGonigal
    Photo Editor - AOL Huffington Post Media Group
    AIM: chrismcgonigal10
    Google Chat: chris.mcgonigal@huffingtonpost.com

  5. You are an inspiration and people are recognizing that. You certainly have a very important mission to fulfill here. No rest for the weary.

  6. http://g1.globo.com/bemestar/noticia/2012/09/ex-miss-tem-parte-do-cranio-retirada-e-guardada-no-abdomen-apos-acidente.html

    I read in Brazil about your history,

    sorry for my poor english,

    I consider your history incredible, superation, strengh and one example for many ppl, you´re a popular person in Brazil now

    Good luck and sucess!

    Carlos Eduardo Lüdke
    IT administrator
    DMS odontolical Co

  7. Jamie ... Let there be no doubt in your mind, in anyone's mind that miracles do happen. I'm very familiar with yours, because my better half had a very similar procedure done during a series of neurosurgeries, the first of which was to staunch a ruptured aneurysm and subsequently deal with swelling. She went from 15 minutes to dead to full recovery with no impairments. A miracle.

    I was there, bedside every day, twice a day plus, as well as her closest friend, throughout. I admit I was terrified, we were both terrified, no one is more important to us...I've been in combat, and at least in combat you can shoot back, yet at the bedside I couldn't stand and deliver, I could only stand and hope and pray.

    There is one fact that is indisputable...Judy, injured and prostrate, in fentanyl defying pain, was the source of strength for us, the helpless; it was her perpetual smile and cheer, even through myriad devices and tubes, her determination, guts, courage,all of it, lifted up those of us in fear as no one else could have done. I see that in the photo of you before the plate was re-attached....seen on another site....that indomitable smile. That image rang a bell for me.

    Best wishes to you and your family for a spectacular future. I know they've already been given what they wanted most. You.

  8. Dear Jamie and Nick:

    I'm a producer with NBC Universal/E! Entertainment and would love to talk with you and Jamie about an upcoming show we're doing about survivors. You can contact me at the e-mail address below. Hope to hear from you soon, and best wishes to you both.


    Nora Donaghy


  9. Hii Jamie!

    i'm from brazil and i just read about you!

    your strength is admirable!

    best wishes to u!

    Rebeca Di Oli.

  10. I saw a story about you on io9.com

    I dunno where to start.
    The surgery is awesome. I mean holy crap can you believe we're surgically removing a piece of someone's skull, storing it in their belly while their brain heals up and finally reattaching it with nothing more than a scar?!

    Jamie, you're beautiful. You're also an amazing to go through this and smile on camera like it ain't no thing.

    That scar is wicked cool looking. Stay bald, show it off. Start a career as an actress so that next time someone has a role for "Badass woman." they have zero choice but to cast you.

  11. SCIENCE! Believe in it!

    Glad you're well, in all seriousness.

    1. How dare you deny God's act of love! Science didn't save her. Jesus did, in spite of atheist doctor's almost fatal work.

  12. If you were ugly, nobody would care.

    1. Thats a horrible thing to say. You should be ashamed of yourself. You don't even know her.

  13. I live in Colorado and found your story on the internet. Wow. God must have some special plans for you! Great reading your story and your blog. You are truly loved. Don't forget to count your blessings, even on the bad days. Good luck to you all!

  14. Your story is inspirational to others and I wish you well on your journey of recovery, and please take time to thank your medical team whose skills meant that you are here today to speak of your second chance at life.
    Science is a wonderful thing.

  15. I came across your story on tumblr and followed a link over here...And may I say you are so inspiring! I can't imagine how hard your journey must have been but am so happy that you got through it. You're amazing and I hope you continue to do well :)

  16. Thanks so much for all the comments. I am OVERWHELMED with all of the wonderful support! We are heading to NY in the morning to share our story with the world...

    Bottom line... I am TOUCHED and inspired by each of you!!

  17. Great to see you back on your feet again. Hate to say that God must have given you quite a lesson, but we all know he can be mercyful too. Thanks for wanting to be a better person Jamie!

  18. Jamie, you are truly an inspiration. What you have been through, what you have overcome, is amazing! You are beautiful inside and out!

  19. Hi Jamie, from Guatemala I send you so much blessing, you are a really admirable woman, and your beauty is so big inside and out, thanks for give us this lesson life, you are a miracle´s God..!!!

    Rubi Benavente

  20. I hope you feel better now. I send you all my blessing!

  21. Hi, I just read the news on yahoo Spain, I really enjoyed your fantastic smile ... Congratulations to you and your family.

  22. Hola soy Edgar Fernández, leí tu historia, vi tus fotos y te quiero decir que me das asquito.

    Por favor no publique más estas mierdas, por que me hacen cagar sentado en mi silla.