Nothing like a little perspective.  Today I found this in the pocket of the seat in my car. It appears to be some kind of journal entry from my 10 year old son. When I found this you would think I found more than a nugget of gold. He has appeared to be largely unaffected by this huge extravaganza, but clearly in these words his true feelings came out. NOTHING in this world really matters to me today other than I AM HERE. I am on this GLORIOUS earth with my unbelievable family. I can snuggle my kids, kiss my husband, hang out with my mom, and LIVE. My heart feels like it could explode with GRATITUDE. My cup is running over with joy and happiness. Is everything in my life perfect? No. But today I AM ALIVE!


  1. Bless your heart and I pray the Lord's blessings will continue to strengthen to you and you family. What an incredible young woman..I shake my head at your courage and faith and what an example you are to so many. If only people out there could read your blog and receive hope...that's what our world needs is your positive and dynamic spirit.

  2. You are blessed and your kids are AMAZING!

  3. Thank god and the Doctors Your life. My father was not lucky like You, he died in a relatively simple skull break, because the doctors did not open his skull, and his brain stopped because of overpressure.