Re-learning courage

I was asked today if "everything is completely different now".  Honestly, no, not everything is different. But, the one thing that is different for me mentally and emotionally is that I am re-learning COURAGE. As I have dissected it I have realized that I have been scared of doing "everyday activities... Although they are quote "safe", I have always considered  fishing as "SAFE". Interestingly, everything I have considered non-threatening in the past is now a potential hazard. CRAZY things... taking a shower... walking in heels... fear of going to sleep, because I could roll off..the list goes on.. believe me. Talking myself into doing things has helped! Yes, I talk to myself... out loud :) Seemingly, the more I talk myself into the safety of life, and JUST DO IT.. the better it gets. Thankfully I was able to shower today without fear ;)


  1. found your beautiful blog through Facebook, and I want to say thank you!! You're amazing and an inspiration and I'm thankful I could read a miracle through heavenly father through your story. Thank you for sharing and making me think today of if I see real beauty in myself not just physical.I will look up too you from now on.you put words beautifully,I think I will send my mom to your blog. She if always sending me uplifting quotes from the general authorities, thank you again!

  2. Wow Becca. I am HUMBLED!! So grateful you were able to get something out of my posts. Honestly it is like therapy for me... so it is an added bonus when it helps someone else. :) Thanks so much for sharing your feelings!


  3. I have always talked to myself haha :) It works! There was a poem I read in a magazine, years ago, that talked about their best friend and in the end it said their best friend was the mirror. It made me cry because I thought RIGHT ON and so true! We need to be our best friend because if we aren't we will destruct. I am sorry you have to deal with the fear of things and I pray you will overcome it! I KNOW YOU CAN! I used to not let my kids play outside for fear of bugs...and when I was put on Zoloft I let my kids do EVERYTHING! I was so relaxed about it all...haha! Since I have been off I am better about the bugs, but not so much letting them do everything. AND I haven't liked fishing because EVERY time I go I get the hook attached to me somehow! Last time I went Amelia turned around with her rod and it got me in the hand and wow those hook catch ya! I understand your fears and I appreciate you sharing!