The Today Show

Monday morning, I think I was up at 4:00 maybe 4:30. This was a blessing. I took the time to really reflect on my miracle. "What is the message I want to share with America and beyond?" Nothing was coming to me. Then the nervousness set in. What if I get on these shows and DON'T have a meaningful message? I continued in meditation and prayer. Got ready. Nick got ready. We got the kids ready, and we were off. Hair undone, and face... naked.  If we would have had video you would see a WIDE EYED child pulling up to NBC in NYC, unsure what she would say on TV. Wondering what would be asked, and  NO idea what to expect when she stepped out onto the BIG city streets. As they were wisking us into the NBC studio my eyes wandered out onto the street. There was already a line forming outside the building of anxious individuals wanting to see celebrities. They were staring at me and I knew they were trying to figure out who I was... sorry folks .... just me... no celebrity ;) Instantly, they were ushering us to the "green room". Nick and the kids were enjoying the bagels, fruit, cereal, yogurt, etc.  I was rushed off to hair and make-up. Greeted by a very nice man who started inspecting my hair. Sat me down in a chair and started curling.... no small talk.... I asked his opinion on what he thinks I should do with my hair..."What are you talking about? What do you mean?" I said "uh uh uh You know... like how this part is shaved and this is long.." He stared at me with wonder and confusion. "I just thought this was YOUR intentional hair cut, that you are confident, and stylish" HAHHAHAAAHHAAA I was laughing on the inside and maybe even on the outside. THANK YOU! My hairstyle looked intentional to this man that is obviously the cream of the crop in hair and style. This made me feel so good. The decision to keep my long hair on one side has been a topic of debate. Truthfully, I STILL go back and forth on what would look the best. At this point there is wisdom in why I've kept it, and have been happy with my decision. ANYWAYS....... off to make-up, she was so nice, and QUIET originally from Morocco. She is in NYC by herself, but came there to chase a dream of becoming a make-up artist for NBC. GOOD FOR HER! That is awesome. She was working on my face for about 8-10 minutes and this lady came in and said "We need her, can you be done in 5 minutes?" Then the rush was on ....done! Off to do small spots of waving to the camera.... Time for interview...Nick and the kids came in the studio. The kids were sent to one side, then Nick came and sat on the couch with me. "Here we go!" What am I going to say? "Oh well... I guess I'm "winging" it" :) Then the preview video began. I watched. Honestly, I have avoided pics of me in the hospital, and footage of us after my accident. It made me sad, and I felt like I wasn't ready to see all of it. Well, on the preview they had EVERYTHING.  I had not yet seen the full footage from Hells Canyon. And then...."THE LOOK". Those that saw the Today Show interview will know what I am talking about. The look on Nick's face was indescribable. The desperation and despair was HEART WRENCHING.  I looked over to Nick at that moment, and tears were flowing. "I can't do this!" I wanted to go back to the green room and just CRY. Oh MY GOSH the reality of what Nick went through in those 3 hours waiting for help, were agonizing... and the proof was on his sweet face in the video. The culmination of the last 4 months hit me... all at once... right when the national camera was 5 seconds from "action".  I guess I would cry through the interview, and let Nick talk. THEN THE PEACE AND THE CALM SET IN. The conversation went wonderfully, and actually better than I thought when we were live. We finished the 2 minute spot, and we were off to the green room. Tears falling.... wrapped in the arms of peace, but humbled to where I had come in 4 months. Joyful that I had a STRONG man by my side who had endured a MAJOR EMOTIONAL TRAUMA.


  1. Your post brought me to tears. I missed the Today Show because I was at work. Heading over to their website hoping to catch it. :)

  2. best wishes! You did soooo great !!!
    your family...soooo lovely!!
    get well soon ! best wishes from germany/wiesbaden

  3. Dear Jamie,
    I wish you a full and complete recovery! You deserve it!
    My big appreciation for your loving family that was and will remain by your side, always!

  4. You guys made ME cry! The video of the actual event was terrifying! I can't imagine! I am so glad you are able to share your message with everyone!