Less Bark... More Wag

WAGGING today! The fun energy of Halloween is surging through our house today. The boys woke up, and immediately started gathering their costumes, they were so excited for the day! I was so happy that I was here to witness it. I have a feeling that every holiday is going to be different this year. My heart surges with happiness and gratitude that I am here to enjoy my kids. THANK YOU that I am ALIVE!!! My mind is full of LOVE for life, for my family, and the blessings I have received, and continue to receive. I cannot wait to go to the school and watch the parade of costumes of all the sweet children. Handing out candy tonight is going to be so fun! Walking the neighborhood and reflecting on my own Trick-or Treat experiences. Every year my siblings and I would have a mini competition to see if we could fill the pillowcase. Then of course the bartering afterward trading chocolate for sweet and sour. FUN!

We watched "The Doctors" with our children again, and I was unsure if it was the best thing. With each minute that passed my kids each moved closer and closer to me. Two of them covered their eyes on several pictures they displayed.  By the end all of them surrounded me, and one of them had a good cry. I want my kids to HEAL from this traumatic experience, and am not going to show them any more shows for now. I want them to see me healthy and happy. They continue to pray for me every night, and thank Heavenly Father that I am getting better. They are so very sweet, and empathetic. I know that in the end the pain they have endured will serve them, but timing is everything! They are happily my priority :)

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  1. This must have been a hard experience for all! This miracle is something the sweet children will never forget.