Our last TV interviews

We have been doing our last TV  interviews the last couple of days. They were with E! Entertainment Television. It will air sometime in December. I am excited to see the way they put it together. They are the first ones to interview my brother-in-law Greg, and the first to travel to Hell's Canyon to get footage of the landscape.  

I can't believe who interviewed me.... Laura Ling. She is the woman that was an American journalist who was in North Korea in 2009. She was charged with illegal entry, and was sentenced to 12 years of hard labor. Nine months later, Bill Clinton went to Kim Jong II and was able to negotiate her release. She is a SURVIVOR! She has an amazing spirit about her. I loved talking with her, and getting to know her. It was crazy to me how our tragedies are so different, but our FEELINGS are incredibly similar. I feel so blessed that I have been able to meet so many inspiring people. The entire crew were so gracious! Thanks Laura, Emily, Abdul, and Brett! We had a great time. THANKFUL for ALL of my BLESSINGS!

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