Pennies UNITE!

Who ever really wants to be a beggar or be seen as needy? This post is spurred by a phone call received from someone to my Mom. This person said to her “Jamie and Nick have done so many spots on TV and she looks and acts so normal. Honestly I look at them and think they are on top of the world. They look as if they don’t have a need in the world. She seems to be 100% healed, and acts like it. Why would people feel a need to help them with their medical bills?” This was an interesting perspective. But, it does spur some questions. I strive everyday to be positive, to not talk about my “glitches” and problems. Physically I don’t like to dwell on and share my problems stemming from the accident, am I 100% healed? No. Speaking about our medical bills never happens, unless I am asked specifics. So this post is to let the world know of our need. As I look inside of myself and my situation I ask, “if I was to look at this story, would I see a person in need?”  I am afraid I would not.  I am having an incredible recovery and I am blessed everyday to be doing what I am doing, moving as I am moving, and living as I am living, and able to work on writing a book.  The world looking from the outside see’s a woman in full recovery that has been extremely blessed and is very grateful.  But on the inside I am fragile, and frightened at times, and am carrying a debt that has mounted on my back. I AM grateful for my outcome, for my husband Nicholas, Greg, other fishermen, life flight, Dr. Manning, all doctors and nurses that worked on me, truthfully I love them and appreciate all that they did for me.  My recovery is directly related to all of their work. People have said to me, “you need to act like you are more ill” wow… I can’t do that, and I’m telling you right now I want to be “well” rather than “sick”. But, would people have more mercy on me and my situation if I was not doing “well”? Probably, but I cannot live a lie… I would rather be well.  I promised myself from the first day since coming out of the coma, I would fight to become who I once was and would absolutely strive to be better.  The smile on my face is not fake, because I am so happy.  But, if you have ever experienced that fear inside that is constantly trying to bring you down, you will know where I am.  I never thought that I would be a person in this situation, and needing this kind of help.  But, here I am.  Our medical bills are still trickling in, at this point they are at around $250,000.00.  We have been denied by Medicaid, as we make over $300/ a month.  But we have been accepted by Indigent services which has helped, and we are grateful. Unfortunately, it will take 24 years at this rate to pay off the debt, and they have told us that there are liens on everything until it is paid in full. We are doing our best, and trust it will all work out in the end. I know from my own point of view in giving that I have often felt like what I have to give wouldn’t make a dent in someone else’s burden. But, the truth is I have had nearly 385,000 views on my blog. If every view paid $.35 cents we would make it to the top of our mountain. If you follow my blog you KNOW that I BELIEVE in MIRACLES, and I am excited to see this miracle fulfilled. Paying it forward feels so good, and I know that I can make a difference. Every person who has given to us, be it anonymous, or named, I count as a LITERAL ANGEL and answer to my prayers. EVERY SINGLE donation has touched my heart, and I am humbled. Up to this point I have only had http://www.youcaring.com/fundraiser_details?url=jamiehilton&fundraiser_id=3707 website as a way of donating. Today I have set up a PO BOX so those that like to mail will feel more comfortable. A dollar here, and a dollar there will make the difference. Thanks for letting me share and admit to my burdens. Pennies united will conquer this! The bottom line….”Are we not ALL beggars” in some way or form? My prayer is that through your giving you will RECEIVE 10 fold. All my LOVE!!!!

Jamie Hilton 
P.O. Box 190780
Boise, Id. 83719


  1. You have been so blessed and will continue to be blessed. Has appearing on all these shows helped you in any way financially? I know you still have a long way to go.

  2. We HAVE been so blessed, that is for sure!!! Appearing on the shows have helped. Total since the accident we have knocked out almost 13,000 of the 125,000.

  3. You should set up a PayPal account. I'd be happy to give in that way.