She shaved her BLONDE curly locks...

Okay, last night I had a great emotional release with a special person in my life. My heart has been open and tender with the holiday of Thanksgiving. As I have said before I am SO extremely grateful for every family event since my accident. It means so much to me that I am here to experience life with my family and friends. Our family feast at my parents home was emotional to say the least. We are all so thankful to be together, as I'm sure all of your families are! Tonight my oldest sister, Trace shared this video with me which I had never seen before. She lives in Salt Lake, about 5 hours away. When she heard about my accident she dropped everything and headed up to be with me. My husband Nick said yesterday that Trace's reaction to seeing me in the hospital will forever be burned into his heart. She was not expecting what she saw, whatsoever, and falling to her knees was all she could do. She stayed close by and got a hotel room right next to the hospital, so she could constantly be near. About the second day after my accident she said she felt helpless, and wanted to do something, but there was nothing she could do. She had an idea, and on this video, you will find what she felt she could do. She left the hospital, and took 2 of my great nieces to Great Clips. This is what happened next. She shaved her blonde curly locks....for me. As I watched this video my heart was so completely humbled. I knew that she had shaved it, but watching it done... FOR ME... was so touching. I cried like a baby, and she held me in her warm, loving arms. It felt so good to be wrapped up in her! She endured a major motorcycle accident a couple of years ago, and nearly lost her leg. Our tragedies have solidified our sisterly love for one another. I am so grateful that our adversities have brought us closer together. She has been back up SEVERAL times since my accident to see me. I am so happy that she is seeing me as a recovered person now, seeing the peace in her eyes and in her spirit, makes my heart REJOICE. Alice Walker is SO right, especially tonight! "Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister". I love you TRACE.

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