.. Numbers go on and on... like me!

Thanks Jaymie Quigley for the photo :)
As I woke this morning I had some realizations. After a good cry, and a prayer with my husband I felt significantly lighter, and happier. Now, gratitude is filling my heart, and my mind is more clear, and focused. I took a look at our medical bills, and the numbers that seemed to keep going on... and on... and you know what, they DID keep going on... just like me! ;) I'm renewed in the strength of God and am GRATEFUL for the numbers... They signify my life, I am ALIVE because of those numbers. This is such a great lesson for me to learn because in EVERY aspect of our lives we choose the label of meaning we will attach to "bad things" we are dealing with. CHOOSING THIS DAY LOVE AND GRATITUDE!

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  1. You are beautiful inside and out.. Thanks for the beautiful post this morning.. Blessings.