9 whole months!!

Spring is nearly here, and I am so thankful. I officially have 9 months under my belt since the accident. 7 months since my skull was put back in my head (words you never think would come out of your mouth) I had lunch with my best friend today. She is so wise, and helped me gain some good perspective. She asked how my book is coming. The book has been at a stand still. I feel like I haven't necessarily "healed" or have a full "resolution" to my accident. So it is difficult to write G-H-I-J-K without knowing Z. I feel so different inside, and still have not come to terms with "who I am" yet, and what my new "normal" is. (I'm quotation happy today... apparently). Cracking the code on who I was before the accident took a lifetime up to that point. So now I feel like an infant or toddler, starting over with the "get to know me" process. Once I have this answer I feel like I will more easily write this book. Thankfully, I was reminded today that it hasn't even been a year yet, and maybe just maybe I need to let my life continue to unfold my answers. So when will it be finished..... possibly another lifetime. But there is still a stirring inside that tells me this book is important and needed. Faithfully I will once again wait on the Lord's timeline until I can express what he wants me to share.

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