The Almighty and Dreaded "V"Day

Oh, the "High Expectation" of this "V" holiday. In theory it's a great idea to set apart a day to celebrate LOVE. Sadly I do have friends who avoid, stores, social media, and ANY social interaction on this day. I think often times people, male and female, single and married feel jipped, and a little beat down. Maybe because they don't have a companion, or love interest, maybe they didn't get a diamond necklace, a trip to the Bahamas, a massage, mani-pedi, bubble bath started for them with roses lining the tub, Belgium chocolates.... flown in first class, a maid to take care of any house duties, 5 dozen roses in a 24 carat gold vase.... ok, ok... I know you've got the picture. GREAT for the people who got this today. SERIOUSLY I am happy for you. This blog post is for those who didn't, and feel a little beat down by what seems to look like "perfect marriages", and lives enjoyed by everyone but you. My mind has been reflecting on times in my life where I was jealous of the people enjoying this holiday, and the supposed superior marriages. Honestly there have been some years in my marriage, where my marriage struggled, and been a little on the fritz, even on this holiday of LOVE. There were times I couldn't wait for this day to pass. The realizations I have come to today is no matter what our circumstance we have the ability to love and uplift, even on Valentines day. Think of all of the things you LOVE and LIKE about yourself, if you can't then you are being a bully to yourself. STOP, and and seriously think about it. Envision happiness and light coming from your heart. This will create an amazing feeling inside, a TRUE feeling of how special you are. It will radiate and exude a positive energy. GIVE to a co-worker, a cashier, a child... a compliment, a sucker, a warm smile or embrace. FOCUSING our energies on GIVING and LOVING rather than focusing on what we wish we had but don't, or the way we are scantily celebrated. This will guaranteed improve EVERY HOLIDAY and non-holidays alike. I love you and send WARM GIVING LOVING ENERGY TO YOU!! Now, go share your light, and LOVE!!

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  1. V day is special day for all. I really enjoyed the day. Keep posting.
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