Last week my friend took me to Mrs. America! What an experience! I felt like I was confident with myself and my circumstance. I knew I would be in an environment with some of the most beautiful married women in the United States, yet still, I was prepared to remind myself that beauty is not only what we see on the outside, it is much deeper than this. After my first day there I have to admit, I had a mini breakdown. The physical beauty that surrounded me was astounding. I came to a crossroads emotionally… “ Where is my beauty found? Is my beauty skin deep? Am I going to let my insecurities stop me from touching lives, and inspiring those who need me?” This accident that we have been through has me thinking about the importance of being confident not only in the exterior appearance, but HOW you choose to see yourself, and show yourself to the world. What is your definition of YOUR beauty? (yes, I am asking every single one of you, whether you feel you have external beauty or not.... because no matter what you think..... you do!!!) As I see the people of my community in all walks of life I wonder if they are content with themselves, and feel grateful for their lives. Do we as humans seek to appease what the world warrants as BEAUTY... or do we define what we in our hearts KNOW as beauty? It is very likely that the most "perfectly" beautiful person that you know COMPLAINS about themselves in their heads, and hearts. How refreshing it would be if we all took a step away from our demons, and LOVED ourselves and others without even needing to use our eyes to FEEL IT. Am I doing this? Some days YES... and definitely some days NO! One thing I know for sure... wherever we are in our quests, loving, accepting, and forgiving our shortcomings will get us much further than RESENTING ourselves.


  1. My definition of beauty is the knowledge I have of where I come from and where I will be going. I know that with out a doubt I am a Queen. I am the Daughter of the King of Heaven and Earth. I may not look perfect in accordance with the worlds standards but I know that that doesn't matter. I know that I am beautiful inside and out. I know that I am loved for who I am and the person that I know I am becoming through this journey called life.

  2. You are a true miracle. Your life has been touched by the grace of God on more than one way. THAT is true beauty.

  3. I am sure you have seen this, but I think it sums up true beauty well. My 10 year old daughter watched it and asked me if I would keep it where she could watch it all the time. I think it is something little girls and big girls need to be reminded of all the time. I know I do, it is easy to get stuck on just what our eyes see. You are so great :)