THE DOCTORS.... what an amazing staff and show! They were impeccable about gathering information, pictures, and film. Three days before we left for LA they sent out a producer that interviewed us on camera. She is a happy mom just like me. Her heart is GENUINE, and she put all of our details together with care. Wednesday rolled around, and we were off to the airport. On the flight Nicholas and I listened to Jim Gaffigan's Mr. Universe. We were laughing SO hard. Everyone was looking at us, probably annoyingly. We tried to be quiet about it, but oh my goodness he is funny. This put us into GREAT moods for our trip. We arrived, and were immediately picked up... off to the hotel. Had a great relaxing night, eating good food, and preparing for our undertaking the next day. We were rising and shining at what seemed like the crack of dawn, but it was more like 5AM PST. As I rolled over to check my phone a dear friend had posted a thought to me "Sometimes in life God allows you to experience a bigger-than-life Goliath in order to experience a bigger-than-Goliath God" This was just what my tired eyes and spirit needed. My heart infused with a spirit of gratitude, love, joy and peace for the day that stood before me. As my feet hit the ground for a moment I felt like little David ready to go face a giant. Not a physical bully, but emotional hurdle of sharing yet again the pain, suffering, but MIRACLE of our lives.  As they lead us into the studio there was a quiet audience waiting to greet us. It was so cute how Nick reacted to me at this time. He was holding my hand, then with each step he seemed to get closer and closer to me. As we sat, I almost felt like a baby in his arms. WARM AND SAFE. I could tell he was feeling quite protective, and emotional. We met Dr. Travis and Dr. Lisa. They were both extremely cordial and appreciative. They played the "package" of our story, the video, pictures, and our interview previously recorded in our home. TEARS welled up instantaneously, and I was waving at my eyes, trying to ignore, and distract myself so that I could speak. Once again, a BLINK, and our interview was over. The fantastic Executive Producer ushered us back to a green room where we could watch the next segment. Nicholas and I were inseparable. Once again sharing our experience with others brought a REMEMBRANCE and a CLOSENESS in our marriage.  We walked away feeling once more that we are EXTREMELY blessed to have overcome this tragedy together.  (Tenatively airs October 29,2012...I'll keep you posted if it changes :)


  1. All these experiences are for your good, and sharing it becomes for the good of others. Thanks for sharing your story and your faith.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweetness and encouragement!