Anderson Cooper Live


We arrived at Anderson Cooper in the wee hours of the morning. Escorted to a small green room of our own. A sweet silver haired lady showed up like Mary Poppins with her carpet bag. She started pulling out crafts, toys, and games. Immediately my kids took to her exciting duffel. Shortly thereafter they asked Nick and I to go to make-up and hair to see if we were ready for the camera. I had taken the time to put on my own face. They gave me the thumbs up. The powdered Nick up (don't tell him I told you). And we were off to get mic'd. As they were mic'ing us and testing sound several from the staff walked up to us as if we were long, lost , friends. "I've been reading your blog!! Oh my gosh!! This is so exciting" They knew us. They had done their research. It made us feel very at home, and comfortable. They were laughing with us, hugging, us and accompanied us to our seats in the audience on the front row.  Next thing we knew it was time for the show to begin. Anderson Cooper came out and quickly asked if anyone had questions then out came Bethenny Frankel.... sassy as can be. Loud applause greeted the both of them. They sat at the desk, and were ready to go. When it was time for our segment we didn't know what to expect. We knew we were in the audience and that our segment would be short. I swear I answered one question and it was over. I blinked, and nearly missed it. But it was fun to be in this exciting environment. All of this time I am thinking to myself, "The Lord has brought us SO far, in just a short 4 months. THANK YOU Heavenly Father!" The remembrance of everything we had been through, and survived is powerful. I like to take time everyday to THANK. The humility pierces my soul, and I feel ready to carry out anything that the Lord wants me to do with my life. REMEMBER... I love that word.

On a SUPER funny note, it happened to be Nick's birthday. In between segments they would send out a comedian that would keep the audience involved and laughing. She said she needed a man from every section of the room. She walked past me and I grabbed her arm... "It's his birthday ...!!" Pointing to Nick. She grabbed him and up he went in front of all the people. "OK" she said..." I need you to do your most sexy dance!" If you know Nick this is one of his WORST nightmares coming to pass. He does not like to dance in front of the family, let alone if front of strangers. The Justin Timberlake music begins and off he goes "Gangnam Style". AWESOME. I loved every second of it.... but he didn't. It was good for him :)


  1. You are getting a lot of goodness out of a really hard trial. And a good laugh at your husband to boot.

  2. Did ANYONE film Nick? hahahahahahaha