My journey photos...

The day they took out my sutchers from my second surgery was a meaningful day. It was very symbolic and healing for me to know I was getting better, progressing, and that this was probably my last visit to the doctor for awhile. Stitches out= mending, in my mind. I was so grateful, and truly overjoyed. That same day two photographer friends, Anna Marshall, and Ashley Wall, offered to snap some photos of me with my shaved half head, and wound. Honestly, I told them they were crazy, "WHY would I ever want photos of this? I am healing, moving on, and I am ready to be over this tragedy." But, they lovingly shared with me that someday I might WANT them for myself, as well as my posterity. I agreed and made them pinky promise they wouldn't show anyone. Kaley Sparling lovingly offered to do my make-up, and I was off. We all showed up at the park. I was SO scared, and tentative about this whole idea. I was not myself. My confidence in doing a photo shoot was non-exsistent. But, would I one day want these photo memories? We began, I wanted a RAW, natural, earthy environment as well as clothing. My feather earrings were dusted off, and the clicking began. We laughed and had so much fun. Then, the emotion of my accident kicked in. They were capturing exactly what I wanted.... and it was RAW. We all three were crying, and the beautiful miracles that had taken place dawned upon me, and all of us. The warmth and peace that filled my soul was indescribable. Gratitude, and closeness to Heavenly Father surrounded us like an umbrella of goodness. Just today I am ready to blog about this experience. Thank you Anna,Ashley,with Beautiful You Photography and Kaley! I AM thankful we took these photos!


  1. Beautiful! And, you just may start a new trend. I mean who wouldn't want to be like you. :)

    1. Thanks :) I'm seeing shaved sides all over the place. Thankfully the trend started in Hollywood right before my accident.

  2. You are absolutely beautiful!! & from only the few posts I have read...it most definitely shines from the inside! May God continue to bless you in your healing process.