Oppa Billy Ray Style!

Ok Folks... not the most flattering picture, but there is a reason behind posting it. First of all, this is what I look like without my "hair" on top. This is how my children see me at night, and in the morning, and they are used to it. It is my BED HEAD!! I get a laugh every morning. lol. This morning Andelin was watching an episode of Hannah Montana. I hear her come in the kitchen, she gasped, "Mom! Your hair looks just like the wig on Hannah Montana's DAD! You know mom, business in the front, party in the back!" OMGOSH I was laughing hysterically! My hair DOES look like Billy Ray Cyrus....Mullet! Hahhahhahhaaa!! Andelin, that is awesome. I love that the show taught her "business in the front party in the back". Seriously people, try to find which one of these pics is me... it's not easy :) So, people have been asking me what the plan is with my hair, and they want to know if I have something against short hair. The answer is NO!! ABSOLUTELY not! But, there is reason behind keeping my "long hair" madness. One reason at this point is that I don't feel strong enough to cut it. My emotions are so volatile right now, I don't dare do ANY dramatic changes to ANYTHING. "But, it would look so cute! And be so easy!" I know. What if I cut it right now in the middle of winter, and emotionally struggle with it. I don't want to take my chances. SO, my plan is to let it grow a little and right before spring cut a cute SHORT style. I'm going to be gathering pics, and would love ideas from you guys. The problem I am having is most "do's" that I like have somewhat of a bang, mine are short and stand up STRAIGHT. Anyways, enough about me, just wanted to give the update on the drama of my hair :)


  1. I love that you can laugh about it with your kids. And, it'll grow back....

  2. Oh baby! You're bringing sexy back!!

  3. I think it kind of odd that people actually have asked about your "hair plan". ??? I LOVE the versatility that you have, and it gives you an edgy look that is very empowering to a lot of women. Just ask the women and men that saw you when I didIt was admired and envied......If you don't want to cut it DON'T. Just a loving thought.....xoxo