Physical Torturist... I mean Therapist :)

A dear friend from our church is a Physical Therapist. He offered to run me through some tests to see how I am progressing. I was excited to meet with him! Nowadays I am so cautious for one because I never want to fall again, but also because I am relearning my limits. My body physically feels so much stronger, but my balance and coordination are definitely different, and adjusting. I showed up, luckily in yoga pants and a t-shirt. He had me sprinting, and quick-stepping cones. He had bands of resistance around my waist that I would lunge away from and slowly bring myself back. He had me speed stepping up and down a stair, doing grapevines on the treadmill. Needless-to-say I had the best work out of my life. I was sweating and exhausted. He handed me a sweat towel, and I was SO grateful. After wiping off all of my sweat and plenty of make-up, we were done. He relayed to me that he felt like he couldn't "stump" me. He didn't expect me to be able to do any of the tasks he put me through. He shared an interesting concept that I had never considered. He said that he has a lot of people who come in with major knee injuries. The knee is swollen and healing for 6 months to a year. With a brain injury it is difficult because we can't "see" the swelling. He said "We know your brain HAS TO still be healing. If it takes that long for a knee to stop swelling we KNOW your brain cannot be fully healed quite yet." This was comforting to me because I feel like I have progressed so well, but I know it's not over. I have faith that I'm getting better and better. It's encouraging because although I look normal I don't feel normal, but I'm still healing. I am not sharing this to brag in ANY WAY. I'm sharing because I left there with a renewed confidence in myself, and my progression. Everyday I am a step closer.


  1. Our bodies can do amazing things with the help of God in healing. You are a testimony of a true miracle. Congrats on a fabulous workout!

  2. Jamie, you are not like most people. You have amazed people at your progression. From the first time i heard you were in the hospital, i knew you would come out of this better. You are an inspiration and keep up the great work. You have so much on your plate right now, with this, your family, your book and just trying to live day to day. Thanks for even letting us be a small part of your recovery.


  3. Awesome!!!! Miracle for sure and one tough cookie too!! :)