I've noticed since my accident, personal complexes are showing up. Do you have them? Oh, I do. Inferiority complexes have shown up all through my life. Prior to my accident I felt like I was working through so many insecurities, and actually winning the battle. Confidence wasn't even thought of, because I just felt comfortable with myself. I wasn't in a mode of needing to compete with anyone, or "prove" anything to myself or to anyone else for that matter. The lessons I've learned pre-accident are still with me. It seems though, that an ENTIRE new set of inner challenges and demons have shown up. Extremely personal emotions have surfaced, as I'm sure you have experienced in your life. I am learning how to gain the "OK-ness" of it all. Prayer, and scripture studies are my staple. But also, doing my best to think confidently. This is where confidence starts... thinking, and umm I don't know if you heard, but I have an injury ;) As I think I also try to talk confidently, and hopefully act confidently. I believe strongly that people are going to treat you by the spirit and energy you display. At times when I have a "less than" energy about me, and walk around with my eyes to the ground, feeling intimidated by life, barely speaking up when I talk, really I am divulging the OPPOSITE of the truth. The truth for ALL of us is WE ARE DESERVING OF ALL OF THE JOY AND HAPPINESS LIFE HAS TO OFFER. You are not BETTER than anyone else, but you also are not LESS THAN anyone else. My friends, hold your heads high, not in arrogance, but in the assurance of who we are... TREASURES in this sea of life.


  1. I know all too well what that feeling is like (due to the disease I suffer from, which you know what it is). Even though our experiences are worlds apart, I can so incredibly relate. That by itself reminds me that we really are closer in nature than what most would believe! When I'm feeling less than, I kindly remind myself that God made each and every single one of us exactly perfect in HIS eyes! It doesn't matter what I temporarily think of myself since I find peace in knowing I'm perfect in his way, so patiently disregard what your head is telling you Jaime! After all, you are perfect!

    1. Linds, that is such a good point. REMEMBERING our wholeness! Sometimes easier said than done, but none-the-less TRUE!! Thanks Babe.

  2. Hey Jamie, I had my brain surgery on 18 Oct, 2011. I was having a rare disease called "Rosai–Dorfman".A part of my skull was affected, and it was removed. Now i don't have 1/6th of my skull in the head. But i don't even think about it and am living my life to the fullest. Now i'm 23 and doing my master's. If i can be fine even with a hole in my head you don't have anything to worry about.
    Just ignore the accident and live your life like you used to.