Blessed Mom

This last weekend my DARLING MOM decided to sew a doll with my daughter. They were picking out fabrics, and yarn, and discussing what to do for eyes, hair, and clothing. It was such a fun process to watch.... not participate in... but watch :) I'm so grateful my Mom makes Grandma time so special. They disappeared when it was time for hair. When they returned Andelin had chosen short hair on one side, and long on the other...LOL... seriously I was Ling O L. It made me so happy that Andelin chose to have a doll that looked a little unusual, and unique. It also flattered me that she wanted it to look like me! Billy Ray Cyrus hair and all. I love my kids so much. I am so thankful I am still here to LAUGH my head off with them EVERYDAY!! I am a blessed mom.

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