I'm a hot "writing" mess...

Oh, my friends. I am learning very quickly about writer's block :/ I am seriously at a stand still. There is a massive struggle going on inside of deciding what my "message" is. I've had several suggestions given to me, which I appreciate immensely! BUT, I'm still a little unclear. People will say it takes years to write a book worth publishing. At this rate, I'm thinking more like a decade for me. I'm like a baby in the writing world. Who knew this would be so difficult. I have 90 pages of story's and information. Frankly, I'm proud of myself for those precious 90. Still, I have a long way to go and I'm definitely in need of some divine inspiration. It is my nature to continue to plug away at this. From the beginning of this journey I've felt like I have a mission and a message that needs to be shared. The unfolding is happening, but unfortunately not on my time frame ;)


  1. It'll come. Remember to find joy in the journey. :)

  2. Hey Jamie! It's Rachel Johnson! I miss seeing you guys at our soccer games! Hope all is well. We are doing well and the pregnancy is going well. Im now 22 weeks along and we found out we are having another boy!! We are so excited! Hey I felt like I should comment though I don't know if I have anything profound to say or not. You can take it for what it's worth. It's just my opinion. But I have felt like you- having the desire to share a story, in our case about our little Burke. If you go to our blog (tylerandracheljohnson.blogspot.com) you can check out his story which I would post as we were going through the experience a few years ago with him. I felt the strong desire to write about what we went through and what we were learning and so on. I didn't know how to go about writing it and as a result I haven't written anything that was published or anything to that extent because of it. But what I did write I posted on our blog or in emails to family and friends. And as time has gone on I have a better idea of how I'm going to write his story..someday as his story has not ended and will not for many many years to come! As I was reading your post a few things came to mind that I think maybe would help... I think you have to decide why you are writing what you feel like you should and who you are writing to. Are you writing to help just tell your story? Are you writing to inspire? Are you writing to help someone else out? Are you writing your story for good and for the right reasons? Are you writing to the world? Are you writing to friends? Are you writing to and for your family and posterity? You've probably already figured that out, but I think if you know that for sure then it will help. Also what outcome or what type of book are you trying to write? What if you just write with the intent to share your story and all the many many trials and experiences you have had, and what you are learning from it with just your family. If you do it in a personal way addressing your family then maybe it will help the words come. What if you continue to write your story on your blog for other to read on here? that might get your story out instead of having to write a formal book? You could get it printed out on blurb.com and give copies to your family and posterity. I don't know if any of this helps. But for me when I can't think of what to write, I kind of regroup and refocus and address again the reasons for why I am writing and who I am writing to. I also make sure my intentions are right so that I can write what should be written. Don't make it a have to, make it an enjoyable thing and it will help too. I know for me, when I feel pressured like I have to do something it is so much harder to find the pleasure in it than when I do it because I want to and find joy in it. I'm so sorry this is so long winded. It might not even help at all. But I wrote it anyways and hope it helps. Good luck! I think your story is worth telling, you just need to figure out to who and why. That's my take. Take care!!

  3. Fist off, don't worry quite yet what your "message" is. It will come as your story continues to unfold, and you'll be able to edit your book to help this message come through when that time comes. For now, take some time to write whatever you feel like without it going anywhere. Free writing is a wonderful way to free up your ideas. Also, when you are suffering from writer's block, it can help to change the way you are capturing your words. If you only type on a computer, spend some time hand writing your thoughts and stories, or verbally record your stories, and type them up later. If this has become your main focus in your life, you might need to step back and take a break (continue to write everyday, just not as much). Get a massage, read a book, spend some time meditating, and read a book by your favorite apostle. Let me know if you need any other ideas, and I really hope these help.