Fighting that Ocean Wave?! How's That Working for Me?

Have you ever fought the ocean and won? Come on, sometime it will give up right, keep punching and sooner or later it will submit to you! Um, no, that's not going to happen. We get so stuck in a pattern of thinking and doing, that we are throwing punches at the waves of the grandiose sea. Controlling things, and manipulate things, thrashing about because we HAVE tomake things happen the way we just KNOW  they need to happen, upper cut, upper cut, only to be dashed to the ground with sand in our eyes. We fight the waves with all our might, until our arms feel puny and weak. Examples of our ideas might be like, "I NEED this job or there is no other way", or "I'm only going to eat water to lose weight",  "I can change that other person", "I have to control my partner or I will be alone", etc. So I'm exploring the opposite of control and manipulation. SURRENDER, SUBMIT, and ALLOW. To me surrender comes from a particular realization, a certain knowing and trusting in God, higher power, or whatever you choose to believe.... Something greater than ourselves. Believing that a power beyond our own is looking out for us, has our backs, and loves us. Why submission? It's basically a swear word in our society. It's an "oppressive" term in many contexts. But, submission to God is different. It does take some faith, believing in things you cannot see. But experimental submission to Him will make our faith in him grow, so we submit a little bit at a time, and see Him come through in miraculous ways once more. Encouraging more faith and action.

Our thoughts and actions are at times like a needle stuck on a record. Remember records ;)haha.  It would replay a word or sentence, replay, replay and never change until it is adjusted, then it moves forward with a beautiful melody. ADJUSTMENT being the key. I'm sure if the needle could speak it would be like, "Hey!! What are you doing?! Stop touching me! I'm on a mission don't distract me!!" Reality check... we are a broken record sometimes. Banging our heads on walls continuously in an effort to make things happen the way and ONLY way we believe will work. Realize truth, submitting our wills or control is adjusting to progress. My record has been sitting on a scratch. Today I am realizing this, and ready to make the "adjustment". I feel like I have been given so much, and have a mission to share and lift others. "How" is where I've been stuck. The vision in my mind is a little different than what is coming to pass. Submission and allowing God to do His work in me, however he chooses, is my KEY adjustment. I cannot force my future. Doing all I can toward what I feel to be best is my part. God is preparing the rest. Whatever situation you may be in I hope you will try this faith thing with me. Letting go of the control, and "know-it-all" attitude. EGO.... hard to let go of.

So how do we do it? Well it's important to understand "life IS motion".  The ocean is symbolic of our journey in life. The ocean ebbs and flows, recedes then oversteps normal boundaries. Surrendering to me is best explained with this visual. Set our intention of what we want to create for others as well as our own greatest good. Then after we are fixed on intention then we allow the motion. The focus as to HOW this will completely be accomplished is not fully up to us. Recognizing this will create a sense of peace. It's like getting beyond the boisterous waves, and arms wide as you float where the current takes you.  We are liquid to the whims of the "how", and that's Ok. I am realizing being liquid isn't a bad thing. Liquid is pliable and moves where a master puts it to motion. Our part is to be aware, and alert to notice the opportunities, how to's, being vigilant to other's who may be stuck in a whirlpool and need our help.  Watching for the whale's back that will carry us. He IS MY  "HOW".


  1. as always well written and thoughtful. very uplifting and inspiring for me. thank you for sharing

  2. Jamie,

    Love reading your posts. They are always deep and thought provoking. Hoping you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and that you get to achieve more of your dreams and wants this coming year. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily and I know that you will over come the lingering effects of your fall.


  3. Hi Jamie! My name is Cameron and I came across your blog today and happy I did. :-) I have a quick question and was hoping you'd be able to answer it for me. My email is cvonstjames@gmail.com Thank you!